YouTube: How do hackers steal your favorite videographers’ accounts? –

This is nothing new, influencers and other high profile videographers are the main targets of hackers. Since 2019, the number of account thefts has increased considerably and chains are starting to offer interesting offers in partnership with cryptocurrency platforms.

But how do hackers do it? How can the creator protect himself from it? What is the purpose of these attacks? Google has decided to give some answers to all your questions.

An old method, still effective

For hackers, there are many ways to access someone else’s account. However, some are simpler than others.

A known method is to break in by discovering the password. This is one of the oldest ways of doing things, but service providers have several solutions.

The most widely used method today is the “session cookie” method. The principle is simple and extremely effective. Hackers submit a partnership proposal to a content creator for a VPN, game, or other product. In exchange for product placement, the YouTuber receives remuneration. This is a common practice and great videographers are used to receiving these types of proposals that provide them with a comfortable income.

YouTube is a web-based, real-time video sharing platform that you can connect to on your computer or via a mobile device application.

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Except that in this specific case, the hacker sends a corrupt link to the creator that allows the introduction of a malicious program into the computer. It is simply “phishing”. The code is then responsible for retrieving the session cookie and transmitting it to the hacker. This cookie allows you to be considered as logged in (it is thanks to it that you do not systematically enter your password to go to your mailbox) and therefore pass the authentication stage and all its security layers.

Google does everything it can to protect you

2-step authentication has greatly reduced the number of identity theft for a while. In a sense, it still protects against a large number of threats today. Unfortunately, this security is not really effective if session cookies are stolen.

To remedy this, Google regularly works to improve its spam filter and its alerts in the event of detection of a phishing attempt. This year alone, Google estimates that it blocked 99.6% of attempts through its messaging service.

Take advantage of Google’s messaging service on all your platforms. On your computer or smartphone, you will be alerted to new messages and can view and reply to them with just a few clicks.

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This represents 1.6 million emails, 2,400 attachments, 62,000 scam site alerts (on thousands of different domains). The company also carried out 4,000 account restorations. However, hackers try to bypass the protections by targeting creators whose channels are associated with competing mailboxes. Some do not hesitate to go through messaging applications to avoid as much security as possible.

What interest are pirates?

Many times, this type of identity theft does not go unnoticed for long. So what is the benefit to a hacker for stealing a YouTube channel?

One of the reasons is simply the sale of the session cookie. With the proliferation of values, this type of data is a precious asset that can be easily resold. Once the channel is under control, the hackers use the audience to set up a cryptocurrency scam.

The principle is simple, an advertisement is made for a well-known platform that offers an attractive offer. Except that the association link sends you to a fake site with the aim of defrauding you. This could be, for example, “We are doubling your first cryptocurrency purchase.” The victim thinks they are getting a good deal, but they are simply making a “donation” to the hackers.

This is, of course, just one example among many others. Just remember, if your favorite channel starts bidding that is too good to be true, it probably is.


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