Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links Celebrates Fourth Anniversary With Content

Game news Yu Gi Oh! Duel Links Celebrates Fourth Anniversary With Content

Officially released on January 19, 2017, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links has since established itself well in the landscape of virtual card games. Four years later, the title is still playing, and Konami announces content celebrating this new anniversary.

Starting today, players of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links can participate in three campaigns, integrated in the title for the occasion. Until January 11, 2022, any player who connects to the title will receive two cards with the Legend Foil rarity, the White Dragon with Blue Eyes in its version of the feature film, the Alternative White Dragon with Blue Eyes, as well as 1000 gems, a Skill Ticket, a ZEXAL playmat accompanied by card sleeves. Besides that, several connection bonuses are to be recovered until December 31, 2021:

  • Day 1 – UR Ticket (Prismatic)
  • Day 2 – UR Dream Ticket (Glossy)
  • Day 3 – SR Ticket (Prismatic)
  • Day 4 – SR Dream Ticket (Glossy)
  • Day 5 – UR Ticket (Glossy)
  • Day 6 – SR Ticket (Glossy)
  • Day 7 – UR Ticket (Normal Foil Rarity)
  • Day 8 – SR Ticket (Normal Foil Rarity)

Finally, Konami recalls several things. First of all, the New Week & End of Week campaign was launched on January 3, and that players who log in can earn 4 UR Tickets (one per week) and 400 Gems (80 per week). Then the editor indicates that a new structure deck on the theme of Blue Eyes is available, and that the price of gems from the 1st Main Box to the 17th Mini Box is 50% off.

By MalloDelic, Journalist


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