Yveline. The strict husband believed that adultery deserved the death penalty.

The gendarmes brought a 23-year-old man to court in Versailles. Rigorist, he believed that adultery deserved the death penalty. (© 78actu)

Belgian citizen, 23 years old, appeared before the Versailles court on Friday 4 June 2021. The man was arrested in Bennecourt, a town northwest of Mantes-la-Jolie in Yvelines. Murad joined his wife for 2 days. With the idea to confront her with her idea. She would have cheated on him.

The couple formed on Facebook. They got married, but only for religious reasons. He works in Brussels. She lives in Yvelines.

In car

On Tuesday, June 2, they meet again. They leave by car. At about 2:30 am they stop in the parking lot. Murad wants to know. He takes out his cell phone and calls whoever thinks he is a lover. The dispute is inevitable. The phone flies out the window.

The rest will be pretty confusing, from the battle for the driver’s seat to death on the pavement. Everything in front of a witness who will warn the gendarmerie.

The investigation will concern certain messages sent by Murad on the encrypted Telegram network. “Adultery. The punishment for this is death. “

The court interrupts him: “Even when adultery was considered a crime, the penalty was not so high. “

In fact, until 1975, the Penal Code provided for fines and, in some cases, imprisonment.


Described as a very strict profile of Murad’s questions. He says he makes a living selling and buying cryptocurrency. “It’s more like a hobby than a job,” he says.

In Belgium, he spent three years in pre-trial detention while investigating his involvement in a terrorist group. “I was released because there was no evidence against me,” he said.

The victim protects him

Faced with him, his wife refuses to participate in the civil party. “He was not happy. It’s all. He didn’t hit me. He just wanted to go from the driver’s side, where I had to go, and pick up his phone, which flew out through the window. Door opened. We fell. That’s how I hurt my hand. “

The court openly doubts this version. “We don’t understand why the gentleman switched from passenger to driver’s side to get his phone. All he had to do was open the door and walk. All of this doesn’t make a lot of sense. “

In this context, the prosecutor demanded to be removed from office for 6 months. “I still want to remember that in France, for whatever reason, women are not beaten. “

The judges granted the prosecution’s petition, indicating two prohibitions: holding weapons in their hands and going to Yvelines for 5 years.

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