ZD Tech: After binge browsing, give way to high-speed browsing!

Hello everyone and welcome to ZD Tech, ‘s daily editorial podcast. I Stone and today I will explain to you how and why the trend is no longer just binge browsing on streaming platforms, but also fast browsing.

You’re probably familiar with “binge-watching,” the practice of watching a series in one go on streaming platforms, but have you ever heard of “speed-watching”? This trend, which boils down to speeding up the content that we consume with a special time-saving feature, is currently causing a stir among users of major audiovisual portals, primarily among which, of course, YouTube.

While the ability to speed up videos to different speeds has been available in the YouTube player for about a decade, it is becoming more and more popular, as noted by Neil Mohan, Google subsidiary product manager, in a recent blog post. If the latter does not dwell on the numbers, then nevertheless he claims that thanks to such accelerated reading, users of the platform daily “saved” at least 900 years of video.

Different consumption depending on the media

The latter notes, however, that the use of this feature differs depending on the media used to watch YouTube. While users mostly watch their content at normal speed on connected TVs or game consoles, those who access the platform through their computer watch most of their video at twice the speed compared to 1.5 times the speed for those using your smartphone.

Another interesting phenomenon, Google experts note, is that the average reading speed increases during the day. In the morning upon awakening, the speed remains normal. Then it increases with the beginning of the working day. YouTube then notes a slight drop in usage between 7pm and 8pm, during lunchtime, before a recovery that typically lasts until 1am among internet users who like 1.5x speed.

If this trend says a lot about new ways to consume content on major streaming platforms, it also opens up opportunities for content creators. Their task is to create new creative formats for surfing to attract new generations of speed viewers.

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