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Learn all about IT development in less than 3 minutes! brings you ZD Tech themed playlists this summer, the podcast editions. The opportunity to return today to a new version of the Linux kernel, to GANs for better weather forecasts, to the Yoodli platform, and much more.

Will the next version of the Linux kernel be rusty?

Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, would like to see the Rust programming language integrated into the operating system kernel in the next major release. But not entirely won.

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How GANs can improve local weather forecasts

The complexity of the physics governing heavy rainfall makes it very difficult to develop accurate local weather forecasts. Hence the idea to use artificial intelligence to try and prevent these dangerous weather events.

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When Artificial Intelligence Improves Your Public Speaking

Public speaking is a stressful time for many people. How to improve your abilities with the help of AI? The Yoodli platform has the answer.

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Why professional IT will survive a technical collapse

Rising interest rates, runaway inflation, economic uncertainty… at the start of a downturn, some tech companies fight back.

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