ZD Tech: Everything you need to know about the remote work revolution

The acceleration of remote work over the past two years is evident. In 2019, it was regularly practiced by 4% of employees. This share rose to 27% in January 2021. Now, eight out of ten remote workers say they want to continue working remotely. But, of course, not all employers like it. Last week, Elon Musk announced to Tesla employees that he would agree to remote work as soon as 40 hours a week were worked face-to-face. Aside from the formula, the introduction of remote work certainly poses challenges. Between employee autonomy and team productivity, the point is with this ZD Tech playlist dedicated to remote work.

Why do we still use the same passwords even if they have been stolen

These reused passwords are a huge security issue. Because if the password was once compromised, hackers can use it to access other accounts if it was used as an identifier for another site.

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Will automation take away your work?

Should we be wary of an invasion of job-killing robots? Nothing less confident. Current research suggests that the disappearance of labor in favor of automation should be put into perspective.

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Remote work is a problem, and here’s why

With the Covid-19 pandemic, remote work has become widespread, with its own benefits and limitations. If tertiary companies have adopted it widely, today they are making a comeback.

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Why Notifications Ruin Our Productivity and Health

Of course, notifications are an integral part of modern work. But the authors of a recent study say they are also the “biggest barrier to productivity” at work.

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