ZD Tech: Google shuts down laptops

Hello everyone and welcome to ZD Tech, ‘s daily editorial podcast. My name is Guillaume Serries and today I will explain to you why Google decided to do away with Pixelbooks, its laptops are equipped with Chrome OS.

Do you know Pixelbook? The Pixelbook is Google’s portable computer that comes with its own operating system, Chrome OS. As you already understood, a Pixelbook is a Chromebook.

But now Google has just canceled the design and therefore production of its next Pixelbook and has disbanded the team responsible for its creation.

Google’s internal cost-cutting programs seem to outperform the Pixelbook

The design of the device was very advanced in its development and it was expected to go on sale in early 2023.

So why this stop? Well, Google’s internal cost-cutting programs seem to have gotten the better of the Pixelbook. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, has been saying for months that he intends to slow down recruitment and cut some projects at the company. But for the Pixelbook, the decision is unexpected. A few months ago, Google really planned to stay afloat.

But the Chromebook market has changed since 2017, when the first Pixelbook was released. First of all, Google’s hardware strategy has always been based on the logic of evangelism, not profitability.

Google’s hardware plan is to demonstrate that its operating systems work

Whether it’s Pixel smartphones, Pixelbook laptops, or the recent connected Pixel Watch, Google’s plan in terms of hardware is to showcase that its Android, Wear OS, or even Chrome OS operating systems are powerful.

In short, the hardware produced by Google has always guaranteed computer, smartphone and smartwatch manufacturers that Google software can be a good product.

And for Chrome OS it worked! In 2019, Acer, Asus, and other vendors launched high-quality Chromebooks into the marketplace as an attractive alternative to Microsoft Windows. In short, Sundar Pichai must have told himself that the Pixelbook’s mission was accomplished and that it wasn’t necessary to put the lid back on.

Chrome OS devices outnumbered Apple Macs

Of course, Windows still dominates the laptop operating system market. But this year, IDC reports for the first time that Chrome OS devices have outnumbered Apple Macs.

Also, it seems that Google has a lot to do with other categories of hardware, with tablets and connected watches. And who knows, restart Google Glass forever, connected Google glasses that never worked.

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