ZD Tech: IA, these are 5 areas where everything (or almost everything) will change

Hello everyone and welcome to ZD Tech, ‘s daily editorial podcast. My name is Clarissa Treyand today I’m talking about these are areas where artificial intelligence will have a big impact in the coming years.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way businesses operate in many ways. But in some industries more than others, AI applications are particularly striking.

This is the conclusion of the McKinsey firm, which in the report examines the application of AI, in particular, in five sectors of activity: healthcare, agriculture, retail, real estate and education.

When it comes to healthcare, this little AI revolution is nothing new. From automated pathology recognition to robotic surgery, technology seems to be everywhere. Far from completely replacing doctors, AI will simply help medical professionals perform their role more effectively.

Automate and robotize

According to the report, the second area where AI will have a big impact is agriculture. Here, too, AI has the potential to optimize production. And How ? With more automation, robotics and data processing, the analytics firm explains.

To take a specific example, technology can help with what is called “precision” farming, a term that refers to tailoring crop production to the exact needs of a farm. AI makes this possible by collecting data and identifying patterns that help farmers better understand what needs to be implemented and how much.

We can also think of certain agricultural equipment that can be automated, such as driverless tractors.

Prediction and personalization

After agriculture and healthcare, retail is another sector interested in AI applications. Machine learning can help merchants understand consumption habits to adjust their offer accordingly and offer personalized recommendations. It is by working with data that companies can also better manage inventory and prevent supply chain disruptions.

If we now look at the real estate industry, then AI applications are also expected in the queue. To buy or sell real estate, you have probably already received automatic recommendations. AI is also proving to be a valuable assistant in helping promoters conduct market analysis, risk management and price volatility.

Finally, to complete the picture, the world of education did not stand aside. And yes, Education 2.0 will also include innovative methods such as increasingly personalized curricula to better cater to individual learning needs.

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