ZD Tech: Learn all about GDPR in less than 3 minutes!

Learn all about GDPR in less than 3 minutes! The editors bring you ZD Tech themed playlists this summer, the editors’ podcast. An opportunity to return to medical remote monitoring, endless debates about online voting, SecNumCloud qualifications, or even selling the data of a billion people on the dark web.

What about medical telemonitoring?

How can medical telemonitoring be the future of medicine… but above all, what is missing to make it a reality?

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Internet voting, eternal dispute

The elections are over, but the observation is still the same: the percentage of abstentions is the highest. To combat this trend, some have a ready-made solution: to introduce the possibility of online voting.

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Why does the SecNumCloud qualification become decisive?

SecNumCloud, a qualification awarded by Anssi to validate cloud host security best practices, is becoming increasingly important. Explanations.

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How the personal data of over a billion people was put up for sale on the dark web

Names, addresses, ID numbers and mobile phone numbers: this is probably the biggest data theft in history.

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