ZD Tech: Learn all about Web3 in less than 3 minutes!

Learn all about Web3 in less than 3 minutes! The editors bring you ZD Tech themed playlists this summer, the editors’ podcast. Opportunity to return to the police operation in the metaverse, the MicroStrategy bitcoin case, NFT in politics and much more news.

Metaverse: Don’t Worry, The Police Are Already There

A police operation in the metaverse? Operation 404 shut down 324 sites hosted in Brazil, the UK and the US.

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Bitcoin: why MicroStrategy is playing with fire

In its 33 years of existence, this very respectable publisher of business intelligence software packages may die or be resurrected this year. And it’s all about bitcoins.

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Macron, Pekress or Hidalgo NFT, anyone?

This is how political parties will fund themselves with NFTs. In South Korea, the ruling party is embarking on an adventure.

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Why Facebook’s virtual currency has a big wing edge

The death blow came last November when the US authorities finally clarified their doctrine on the issue of stablecoins. Only banks should be the issuers of stablecoins to avoid “an excessive concentration of economic power.”

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