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Learn everything at DSI in less than 3 minutes! brings you ZD Tech themed playlists this summer, the podcast editions. The ability to return today to cyberattack attribution, cybersecurity oversight with legal texts, SecNumCloud qualifications, the construction sector targeted for cyberattacks, and more.

Cyber ​​attack attribution is a subtle art

Tracking down and exposing the perpetrators of cyberattacks can be a complex and delicate task. That’s why.

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Cybersecurity will enter the doors of corporate boards

The number of cyberattacks is on the rise, and more and more flesh-and-blood people are expected to fall victim to them in the next few years. Hence the need to regulate cybersecurity with legal texts.

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Why does the SecNumCloud qualification become necessary?

SecNumCloud, a qualification awarded by Anssi to validate cloud host security best practices, is becoming increasingly important. Explanations.

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Why the construction industry is an easy target for cyberattacks

The easiest targets for hackers are construction companies. Yes, the construction industry is a cyberattack treat. That’s why.

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