Zéro-Gâchis becomes Smartway and raises 10 million euros to avoid food waste

A name change that reflects its European ambitions. The Nantes nugget Zéro-Gâchis, which fights against food waste in stores, becomes Smartway this Wednesday, April 7, 2021 and announces a fundraising of 10 million euros. A funding round led by Supernova Invest with the participations of Evolem Start, Holnest, IDIA Capital Investissement and UNEXO (Crédit Agricole Group).

Automatic product detection

Founded in 2012, Smartway prides itself on having developed “the first Food Waste Management System (FWMS)” which integrates with the tools already used by the store. First, the system identifies products whose expiration date is approaching. Then, several solutions to revalue the product are proposed: labeling of a relevant discount or donation to charities. The FWMS allows the labels to be printed directly with the remittance or to dematerialize and secure all the administrative formalities to make a food donation.

Thanks to its solution, Smartway sees both an 80% reduction in food waste and an average 51% increase in the store’s bottom line. The young growth claims to have already seduced 400 stores in France in which it has avoided the wastage of 56,846 tonnes of fresh products and allowed consumers to save 150 million euros.

Smartway offer a solution to automatically perform the new labeling.

New tools and European expansion

The Nantes nugget, profitable since 2014, wants to use this fundraising to develop new tools dedicated to the management of the food fund and accelerate its expansion. The start-up wants to equip 4,000 points of sale by 2025 in the countries where it already operates (France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium). At the same time, she wants to conquer new countries in Eastern Europe as well as in Italy. Its new name, Smartway, should also facilitate its European expansion.

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