ZEvent 2022: a new record for a charity streaming marathon

It was hard to imagine, but ZEvent did it again. The prize pool of the event has once again reached new heights, the icing on the cake of a particularly successful 2022 event.


[Mis à jour le 12 septembre 2022 à 11h16] Only after more than fifty hours of live broadcast do we find our streamers, their voices drowned out by a completely crazy weekend, which proved once again that French youth are aware of the problems of our society. Because in 48 hours, ZEvent 2022 has once again broken records, having managed to raise at least 10,182,126 euros for a good cause, surpassing the monstrous record of 10,064,000 euros set by the previous edition. It must be said that the world of French streaming has given itself this year, pushing the closing of the event until late at night, multiplying donation targets and special programs to encourage its audience to be generous. We sum up this weekend event.

So on Friday around 6pm, Adrian “ZeratoR” Nougare and his friends started their streaming marathon. Their purpose? Collect as many donations as you can in one weekend to fairly support the LPO, WWF France, Sea Shepherd France, Sea Cleaners and Time for the Planet. Thus, a publication labeled environmental and already intent on doing well, ZEvent did not hesitate to break its partnership with the Goodplanet Foundation, considered too close to the currents of greenwashing and biodynamics to be associated with these five other associations. .

So for just over 50 hours, just over fifty French-speaking streamers screamed loudly in front of their screens and their audiences, sometimes engaging in some pretty crazy collaborative activities, encouraging French youth to commit themselves, challenging themselves. We could see video game tournaments, with an excellent Fall Guys giant game on Friday night, as well as plenty of sports with paddle, boxing and spikeball tournaments, and even daring flavor adventures during Croc-Lanta of Lapi.

But that’s not all, to offer alternatives to “traditional” donations, in addition to the classic ZEvent store, the event also offered Internet users the opportunity to build their art mural at the ZEvent 2022 p/site. By offering 10 pixels for 1 euro, ZeratoR and his friends allowed their communities to express yourself in the r/place fashion that was so successful last April. The result is some hilarious episodes between streamers trying to put a spoke in the wheels through their viewers.

In addition to these 57 boys and girls, there are also various honored guests who marked these few days of celebration with their actions, most notably the appearance of Alain Chabat during Saturday night’s crazy hamburger quiz. And the festivities continued until late Sunday night, when the young streamers managed to raise about 4 million euros in a few hours, and the total prize pool of the event amounted to 10,182,126 euros, which was a new record. A fact that would not have been possible without the involvement of several hundred thousand young viewers of the Twitch streaming platform.

But besides the entertainment, it was also the political commitment of some streamers that made some noise on the last day of the event, especially after the usual thank you message posted by Emmanuel Macron on Twitter on ZEvent. While some once again welcomed the “involvement” of the President of the Republic, his message was considered objectionable by some streamers such as Antoine Daniel and Angle Droit, who did not hesitate to criticize the head of state for his environmental inaction or his attempts at political recovery. It was Antoine Daniel who opened the ball of criticism, not hesitating to express his antipathy towards the head of state: “Encouragement? This word is more propaganda…! I want you to know that after ZEvent there are people who hate him and it is because of people like him that we are holding this event there.” For Angle Droit, this is the hypocrisy of Emmanuel Macron, who is in the viewfinder: “Well, yes, you are counting on us, shit, because you are not burning anything! If only you had the means to do something crappy!” – the young woman began with humor and cynicism, seeing the message of the President of the Republic.

For ZEvent, the fighting began shortly before the launch of the streaming marathon, this Thursday early in the evening. ZeratoR and his friends started this charity weekend with a big concert at the Zénith de Montpellier. A sold-out concert that attracted more than 120,000 viewers on the Twitch streaming platform at the best time of the evening. But that’s not all, this concert also opened the bank for the event and raised just under €7,000 in a few hours. Among the many personalities present at this evening, we could find Biglo and Oli, Soprano, PV Nova in a duet with LittleBigWhale, the French duo Fuse and the team Berywam.

An undeniably successful event that bodes well for this edition of ZEvent 2022. Something to calm ZeratoR and his cronies after the wave of criticism that hit the event due to the lack of some of the flagship streamers from Twitch. But that’s not all, it’s also the atmosphere of the hall, which surprised many artists such as Bigflo and Oli, who admitted that they did not expect such enthusiasm from the public.

This year we found regulars and newcomers to ZEvent 2022, with some of the absences being noticed and criticized by a portion of the event’s viewing community. Among the big regulars we find Mister MV, Maghla, LittleBigWhale, MoMan or TV LOL Solary. But it was also a big achievement for AvaMind, Skyrroz, or Warzone star Chow1. The absence that has intrigued the audience the most is the absence of Kameto, Squeezy, or Billy, also known as Rebeudeter.

List of participants of ZEvent 2022:

  • Alexclick
  • Alfacast
  • Altair
  • Right angle
  • Anthony Daniel
  • Arkunir
  • Avamind
  • Baghera Jones
  • Belo
  • Blitzstream
  • Bob Lennon
  • Bren
  • KaMaK
  • Carl Jr.
  • ceb
  • Chapter
  • chow-chow1
  • Rush up
  • DamDamLive
  • Doigby
  • domingo
  • Dr. Feelgood
  • stars
  • gis
  • Home4rt
  • Horthy
  • ImSoFresh
  • jbzz
  • John Massiet
  • jelly
  • Jiraiya
  • Kenny
  • paws
  • LeBuzo
  • lege
  • SmallBigWhale
  • Master Snakow
  • Mister MV
  • Moman
  • Mintos
  • NBK
  • pumice
  • Rivenzi
  • sardokha
  • Schontz
  • shishyu
  • SkyRRoZ
  • skyboard
  • solar
  • uncle
  • TPK
  • Trinity
  • Ultiya
  • A33D
  • hari
  • Zerator

If the 2021 edition was about fighting hunger, then ZEvent 2022 has changed a bit thanks to a partnership with GoodPlanet. Founded in 2005 by photographer and filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand, this public benefit French foundation seeks to “put ecology and humanism at the center of consciousness and arouse the desire to act specifically for the Earth and its inhabitants. It offers access to green energy to the most disadvantaged and joins forces with various companies to ask them to commit themselves to reducing carbon emissions. In particular, she was behind the Yann Arthus-Bertrand film project Man, released in 2015.

The association’s choice was discussed on Twitter for several days, with many netizens criticizing its closeness to Total and Jan Arthus-Bertrand’s support for the World Cup in Qatar. Even if the latter has since claimed to have made a mistake in this unwanted partnership, the links between GoodPlanet and certain energy circles are troubling. Moreover, it was the choice of this association that prompted some streamers to refuse the invitation of ZeratoR to ZEvent, such as Maghla or Arkunir. In addition, Goodplanet has long been associated with the “green wash”, which some consider too expectant, as well as with biodynamics, a little-known current of agriculture, which the Miviluds have pointed out to its sectarianism. Critics of the choice of this fund as a beneficiary of ZEvent 2022 were very numerous. So much so that the organization of the streaming weekend decided to exclude him from the event. The decision made this weekend by ZeratoR and his teams is explained in a social media post:

The breakup of the partnership between Goodplanet and ZEvent has since been confirmed by Albein Godard, CEO of the foundation. She deplores the many “unfounded” criticisms made by internet users on social media, while at the same time arguing that the environmental cause should be unreservedly supported at this time. On the part of the ZEvent staff, this unprecedented departure is justified in an open letter to viewers: “Clearly, the choice of this year’s association did not convince you” “The truth is that there is no perfect association, some commit illegal acts, others are too small to accommodate such ​an amount of money, while still others are funded by entities whose activities are destroying our planet on a daily basis. we can read in the explanation of ZeratoR.

New beneficiaries of ZEvent 2022

Thus, Goodplanet’s exclusion leaves room for other associations at ZEvent 2022, and a decision has been made to select five associations to equally share donations to the event. This Internet users are encouraged to vote to make this choice from a long list of candidates. We found there: La fresco du climat,, France Nature Environment (FNE), Bird Protection League (LPO), The SeaCleaners, Zero Waste France, Friends of the Earth, WWF France, Greenpeace France, Bloom, Environmental Protection , ASPAS, Surfrider, Sea Sheperd France, Time for the planet, The Shift Project, Wings of the Ocean, Noé, 1% for the planet, WeForest, Foundation for Nature and Man and finally TERAGIR. Internet users expressed their opinion and five associations were chosen:

  • SeaSepherd France
  • Bird Protection League
  • WWF France
  • Sea cleaners
  • Time for the planet

So, to immediately answer this question, no, ZEvent 2022 will not be the last event. While this information may appear on social media, it seems to extrapolate from a tweet posted by Adrian Nougare during the 2022 release announcement:

The young streamer does announce that the event will completely change the formula next year, but will obviously stay on your calendar. Given its success, one can imagine that ZEvent is gradually moving away from the big friendly LAN in Montpellier to get closer to a massive show in 2023.

ZEvent is an event organized by Adrian “ZeratoR” Nougare and Alexander “Dah” Dashari since 2016. Each year, these two big names in the French streaming scene bring together a whole group of streamers for the weekend. Over 50 hours of uninterrupted streaming on Twitch, Amazon’s premier live streaming platform. More precisely, guests gather in a giant LAN, where everyone broadcasts their stream and participates in common activities. The amount of donations offered by all viewers or viewers accumulates in a kitten donated at the end of the weekend to the charitable association. Each streamer encourages their viewers by setting “donation goals”, objectives to be met if their viewers’ donations reach a certain amount. It is also necessary to add to this sum all sales of derivative products (mainly T-shirts), which each year represent a significant amount. In 2021, ZEvent joined forces with Action contre la Faim, a French non-governmental organization that fights against malnutrition in the world.

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