Zippin inaugurates an autonomous store within the Techno Tower Hotel in Japan

Zippin continues to develop. The Californian start-up announced on February 10 the inauguration of a fully automated store in the city of Yokohama, capital of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. More precisely, this shop called “Green Leaves Plus” is located within the Techno Tower Hotel.

113 seconds on average

The principle is the same as for a classic automated store, a specialty of the young San Francisco shoot. Customers must first download the dedicated mobile application and register the banking information linked to their payment card. They then scan a QR code through the app to enter the store. They can also use biometric authentication by venous fingerprint or facial recognition to access the store. Once inside, the user has access to an offer of prepackaged fresh products, drinks and bento, then leaves without going through a payment terminal.

Product identification relies on a combination of computer vision technologies and sensors. The young shoot, which is positioned as an alternative to Amazon Go and its Just Walk Out technology, explains that a customer spends an average of 113 seconds, or less than two minutes, inside the store. For this development, Zippin has joined forces with Fujitsu. The Japanese company is the exclusive distributor of Zippin’s payment system. It also brings its expertise in biometric identification. As a reminder, it was the first company to deploy the PalmSecure system in stores.

Deployment outside the United States

This new concept, open for several weeks but which was in the testing phase, is now accessible to the public, specifies Zippin. It could be the first in a long series: collateral victim of the Covid-19 pandemic, the hotel sector is turning to contactless solutions to ensure the health safety of customers and protect the staff present. The Koy Group, which specializes in food distribution, operates vending machines and catering spaces in more than 500 hospitals in Japan.

Zippin is benefiting from a very favorable context for contactless commerce. In November, she confirmed the opening of a fully automated store at Mile High Stadium in Denver. The American nugget specializing in automatic payment solutions also inaugurated in the spring a fully automated space in Moscow, within a supermarket of the Azbuka Vkusa brand, in partnership with Visa and the Russian bank Sberbank.

It aims for development outside the United States. A wise choice as Amazon, which opened its automated concept in 2018, seeks to market its Just Walk Out technology where businesses are looking, beyond the pandemic, for solutions to reduce queues and regulate very important flow of people. The American giant has convinced the American company OTG, which operates restaurants and airport shops, for its CIBO Express Gourmet Markets brand. Besides Just Walk Out, Amazon also wants to develop Amazon One – its payment system with palm-of-the-hand authentication – in stadiums, as Dilip Kumar, vice president in charge of Amazon Go recently clarified.

Aude Chardenon


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