Zombie Army 4: Xbox Series Graphics Upgrade Is Coming

Game news Zombie Army 4: Xbox Series Graphics Upgrade Is Coming


Released in February 2020 on consoles and PC, Zombie Army 4 does not miss the mark and announces that the free new-gen upgrade is coming very soon to Xbox Series.

Sniper Elite spin-off dedicated to eliminating Nazi zombies, Zombie Army 4: Dead War has had its small success, and has been fairly well received by gamers and critics alike. Included in the April PS +, the title was already upgraded on PS5, bringing Dynamic 4K and reduced load times. On Xbox Series, it will take wait for tomorrow, but the studio reminds us of the planned improvements on Microsoft consoles:

Xbox Series S

  • 1080p 60 fps
  • Reduced loading times

Xbox Series X

  • Quality mode: 4K 60 fps
  • Performance mode: 1080p 120 fps
  • Reduced loading times

Developers took advantage to prepare an update, which will contain the following changes across all media:

  • Balances have been applied to the Death Canal mission
  • Cross-platform multiplayer added on Windows 10 Store, and on Steam / Epic
  • New music and new fights
  • Fixes applied to Damnation Valley
  • Improvements in Chapter 4
  • On Xbox, audio issues with cut scenes have been fixed in Deeper than Hell
  • General bug fixes and other improvements

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Zombie Army 4: Xbox Series Graphics Upgrade Is Coming

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