Zoom is reportedly developing calendar and email apps

It was reported this week that the Zoom development team is currently in the process of building calendar and email apps to expand the range of services it offers. Very little is currently known about the new apps being developed by Zoom, as the company believes it is an attempt to protect the company from competing video service providers such as Google and Microsoft.

The informative website explains a little more about the various vulnerabilities of the video call service compared to other providers in its market that are already very dominant in other markets. Do you think the company has what it takes to establish itself as a provider of email and calendar apps?

Zoom email and calendar apps are in development

“Millions of people join online meetings using the Zoom Video Communications app by clicking on meeting links in their digital calendars or Microsoft and Google email services. This presents a big vulnerability for Zoom as Microsoft and Google make it easier for customers to host virtual meetings through the two companies’ own competing video conferencing apps.”

As soon as Zoom leaks or officially releases more information about its new email and calendar apps, we will keep you posted as always. In the meantime, go to the information site by clicking on the link below.

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