Zoom’s plans to prepare for the future of hybrid work

Zoom’s results are still looking good. The videoconferencing platform has indeed just recorded quarterly revenues and profits beyond market expectations, while raising its growth prospects during fiscal year 2021. The CEO and founder of the platform Eric Yuan qualified this first quarter of “very solid”, highlighting the 191% growth in revenue year over year, as well as “strong profitability and cash flow”.

However, there is no question of resting on its laurels for the videoconferencing platform. It intends to adapt its offer to the future of hybrid work which should arise from the current health crisis. “Work is no longer a place, it’s a space where Zoom allows your teams to connect and bring their best ideas to life. We are excited to contribute to the evolution towards hybrid work that allows greater flexibility, better productivity and greater happiness for in-person and virtual connections, ”explains the boss of Zoom.

In a conference call with analysts that followed the release of the company’s results, the latter discussed ways the company will seek to help companies “improve the hybrid work experience,” as he said. ‘said. “So, to meet this need, we announced Zoom features such as the smarter gallery […] virtual reception and participant accounting and environmental sensors. “

Adapt or decline

The company also introduced a new platform in May that it plans to roll out this summer for live events that will incorporate both face-to-face and virtual participation. Zoom Events anticipates a post-pandemic world where consumers want to retain the flexibility and convenience offered by digital platforms, even when they return to normal life.

The platform will allow users to create an event center to manage and share events, personalize ticketing and registration, control access to billing, host events (free, paid, one-off or in series), bring together attendees through an integrated network and track event statistics, such as attendance and revenue.

Events can be kept private or published in a public directory. They can be used with an existing paid license of Zoom Meetings or Video Webinar.

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