Biden Receives New Covid Booster Vaccine – Science et Avenir

US President Joe Biden received a new booster dose of the Covid vaccine on Tuesday and urged his countrymen to follow suit as winter approaches.

The 79-year-old Democrat, who recovered from Covid-19 three months ago, already received a second booster dose at the end of March.

This additional injection, given at the White House in the presence of journalists, targets two sub-variants of the virus.

Joe Biden also announced initiatives to encourage Americans to get a booster dose before the New Year holidays, which encourages travel and family reunions.

“I urge all Americans … to get vaccinated as soon as possible,” he said. “Hundreds of people still die every day from Covid, hundreds. That number is likely to increase this winter, but… almost all deaths this year are preventable.”

He said his government and the major drugstore chains, whose executives attended his injection on Tuesday, were working together to make the booster widely available and free.

Referring to the strong politicization of vaccination in the United States, he called for “starting from scratch as a country, putting old Covid-related divisions behind us, leaving partisan politics aside.”

So far, only 20 million Americans, including one in five older people, have received it, according to the US chief of staff.

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