Nintendo Switch: Finally, support for Bluetooth audio?

Hardware news Nintendo Switch: Finally, support for Bluetooth audio?

Nintendo Switch update 12.0 suggested that a new dock is in the works for Nintendo’s console based on research from dataminers. Today, they reveal another possible addition to this update: Bluetooth audio support!

Rumors about the Nintendo Switch have been rife, especially since the launch of its update 12.0.0. Indeed, dataminers have searched the firmware of the hybrid console of Nintendo, and detected therein elements suggesting that the possible new version of the console (the famous Nintendo Switch Pro, which might be called another name if it ever comes out) would feature a new dock, which itself would be able to update, unlike the current dock. But the “data miners“made another discovery …

Indeed, according to them, the Switch system bluetooth driver has been updated, and could thus add – in the short or medium term –” one of the most requested features of gamers : Bluetooth audio support. It is indeed still impossible to connect a Bluetooth headset or earphones directly to the Switch. For now, we need to get a third-party device, an adapter, despite the boom in sales of wireless audio devices.

We’ll wait and see the next features added to the Switch, but Bluetooth audio support looks to be the fastest coming, given the strong demand from the gaming community.

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By Damien-Scaletta, Writing


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