No More Heroes: the first two components coming soon to Steam

Game news No More Heroes: the first two components coming soon to Steam

Lately, the No More Heroes license was starting to get talked about again for two reasons. The first concerned the announcement of a compilation on Switch in limited physical editions, while the second concerned the officialization of an exclusive release on Switch scheduled for August 27.

Fruit of the work of the whimsical Goichi Suda, or SUDA51, No More Heroes has always displayed an uninhibited violence and a wacky frame. You just have to see the pitch of the first episode where we meet Travis Touchdown, a young otaku who has just acquired a laser katana who wants to become the big boss of the association of united assassins.

As of December 2020, data concerning the PC versions of the two components of No More Heroes had been spotted in the ESRB database., but no official communication from the studio had deigned to comment on the elements from the American classification body.

However, a very recent tweet from publisher Xseed Games has just formalized the release of No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle on PC starting June 9.. This two-part port should offer HD resolutions, gameplay boosted to 60 frames per second, as well as a whole bunch of additional features like Steam Cloud.

In a few days, you will be able to set off again on the back of a motorcycle, the famous Schpeltiger, to fight the greatest assassins in the world of No More Heroes and relive Travis’ second ascent in the city of Santa Destroy through the second part. Both titles are priced at € 19.99 on Steam, but you’ll be able to get a 10% discount if purchased during launch week.

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