What is the new crypto metaverse project Realy?

Does the Metaverse speak to you? The change of the company name from Facebook to “Meta” has played an important role in the media coverage of the Metaverse. This article will help you understand what the metaverse is. Plus, it introduces you to one of the newer metaverse projects: Realy. Also, the Bybit crypto exchange and its launch pad already allow you to participate in this project …

The metaverse, THE technology of the future

The name just sounds futuristic! But what exactly is the metaverse?

What is the metaverse?

The word first appeared in literature in 1992 in Neal Stephenson’s novel. At first glance, the word “metaverse” alone doesn’t tell us much about its meaning. And yet! The word metaverse is based on the same basis as the word “universe.” The prefix “meta” means “beyond” in Greek. In a literal sense, we could therefore translate the metaverse as a “parallel universe” that goes “beyond” the material universe that we know.

The metaverse defines a completely digital universe within which one (or more) users move and interact. The metaverse is, therefore, the meeting of two technologies: the social network and augmented reality.

The metaverse brings with it a field of almost limitless possibilities where a user can act virtually: buy land, build infrastructure, meet people, etc. Currently, the metaverse is a technology used mainly in the field of games. But not only ! Thus, recently, Barbados announced its intention to build an embassy in the Metaverse to issue electronic visas there.

Metaverse projects explode

The success of the Metaverse is particularly felt through the enthusiasm generated around its projects. To work, most metaverse projects use blockchain technology and a token. And it is clear that metaverse tokens have more than wind in their sails in a rather expectant crypto market of late. Let’s see some support figures!

For example, below is the price evolution of 4 successful metaverse cryptocurrencies available on the Bybit exchange.

Token Current price World ranking (capitalization) Evolution in the last 30 days Evolution in the last 90 days Decentraland (MANA) $ 4.15 25 ° + 66% + 290% The Sandbox (SAND) $ 6.14 34 ° + 125% + 527% Gala (GALA) 0, $ 55 42 ° + 496% + 2180% Enjin Coin (ENJ) $ 3.0 59 ° + 1% + 37%

What is Project Realy Metaverse?

As a metaverse project, Realy allows its players to immerse themselves in an unlimited and completely customizable digital universe.

The token associated with the Realy project is called REAL. By purchasing REAL tokens, you can create the avatar of your choice and customize it. This avatar evolves into a city that you can transform at will. Create works of art, meet people (avatars!), Attend concerts, visit museums… Anyway, with Realy you have access to a 3.0 universe with multiple possibilities… without masks or social distancing!

ImageSource: Twitter / @Bybit_Official

How to participate in the Realy project with Bybit?

Bybit is a crypto exchange created in 2008 by Ben Zhou. Like any exchange platform, Bybit offers you to buy cryptocurrencies and trade. But one of the peculiarities of the exchange is to make a launch pad available to its users.

Bybit’s launch pad gives users early access to new encryption projects. Therefore, they can buy tokens associated with these projects. On the one hand, this allows the financing of the project. On the other hand, it also represents a potentially juicy investment opportunity for users. In fact, investors have access to the token at a very affordable price. However, after the official marketing on crypto exchanges and the success of the project, the price of the token may explode!

To buy Realy tokens and access Launchpad, you must first register with Bybit. The next step is to buy BIT tokens, the native token of the Bybit exchange. The distribution of REAL tokens at a preferential price will be based on the amount corresponding to your average daily BIT balance between December 5 and 9, 2021. That is, you must act quickly to take advantage of this offer! In total, the exchange will distribute 500,000 reais for the price of one dollar. The registration and distribution of the 500,000 REALES will begin on December 10.

The Metaverso offers you its doors with its new project Realy! Be one of the first to participate in this future project by registering with Bybit!

Follow the news of the project:

Disclaimer: This article is promotional content and does not constitute investment advice. Do your own research and invest only the money you can afford to lose.

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