10 video games not to be missed in 2022


December. The month when we play with little chocolates from advent calendars. A month when it is no longer possible to refuse raclette cheese when shopping. But it’s also the month when video game enthusiasts compete for the award for the best video game of the year, more commonly referred to online as “GOTY” (“Games of the Year”). Therefore, Pixels du Monde did not give up the pleasure of listing its favorites and set itself the (difficult) task of keeping only ten.

2022 has really not been without unexpected sensations such as Wordle (actually released in December 2021) or Vampire Survivors, two global successes created by developers in an amateur way, and demanding works (Elden Ring). There were also beautiful gondola heads (new God of War: Ragnarok, Pokémon Violet, and Pokémon Scarlet), despite the agonizing 2023 postponements of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Starfield.

Most Fascinating: Elden Ring

If you hate dying in the game, go ahead. If you hate dying in the game, go ahead.

Japanese studio FromSoftware’s role-playing games are said to be flawed in their quality: by putting demand and precision at the center of their gaming offering, they put players back in the heart of the adventure they need. became mere spectators. This difficulty, however, left the most casual players on the sidelines. And then Elden Ring came along, and something strange happened: Is it because of its surprisingly intriguing open world? Or that players, tired of too lukewarm productions, were ready for FromSoftware’s radicalism? In any case, the philosophy of the Japanese this time (massively) met its audience, making Elden Ring one of the best-selling games of the year.

Available for €70 on PC, Xbox One and Series, PlayStation 4 and 5.

Most Exciting: Vampire Survivors

Bare your garlic cloves, your Bibles, and your vials of holy water: the vampires are out. Bare your garlic cloves, your Bibles, and your vials of holy water: the vampires are out.

We might swoon over the gorgeous setting of Elden Ring or the fluidity of Marvel’s Spider-Man re-release. But what is all this tech worth compared to the efficiency of Vampire Survivors, one of the most unexpected successes of 2022? Openly inspired by the smartphone game (Magic Survival) and created by the developer in his spare time, it is very easy to access. He controls the character (attacks are made automatically), which must hold out for half an hour, being attacked by more and more numerous and powerful enemies. Getting levels allows you to unlock new weapons, improve them and test different combinations. A simple concept and an exciting result.

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