Denmark: electricity billed by the hour

“For some refrigerators, the soda for example, we raise the temperature. It’s a little less cold, but anyway, we added ice cubes, ”says Simon Rud-Jensen, manager of the” KnØw “bar in Copenhagen.

To supply itself with energy, as in France, Denmark has its power plants and its wind farm. Every day at noon, this is true for all of Europe, market prices are determined for the next 24 hours. In his kitchen, after having his coffee, Enrique consults the hourly rate forecasts through an application.

At home, all energy-intensive equipment, such as your electric car, is programmed with a single click for the cheapest hours. “I’m saving half the price. It’s a lot of money, savings every month, it’s simple and doesn’t require any action on my part,” he says.

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