3D printed 360 degree continuous rotation servo motors

If you are looking for a new project this weekend or specifically for 360 degree servo motors, you might be interested in a new project posted on the Instructables website by Aaedmusa. Watch the video below to learn more about the project and the differences between different servo motors.

360° rotation servomotors

“Most hobby servos are limited to less than 360° rotation. Let’s fix this! In this assembly, I will show you how to make a 3D printed servo motor. Like traditional servos, this servo has position feedback. Unlike the traditional servo, this servo has 3D printed gears, is much faster and stronger, and can rotate 360°. This is a pretty simple build. I completed this project from start to finish over the weekend. Let’s start.”

“While conventional servos use potentiometers for position feedback, this servo uses an encoder. The AS5600 absolute encoder reads the position of the servo and sends it to the Arduino. You will need to connect the servo cable to the 3 pins on the encoder so it can be connected to the Arduino. Then insert the encoder into the gearbox and press the wires with hot glue. Now press the encoder magnet into the 54 tooth gear. This allows the encoder to read the position of the gear as it rotates.”

Source: AB: Instructables

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