Elon Musk and SpaceX launch Starshield, their military and secret Starlink

New toys for our orbit. | SpaceX via flickr

SpaceX and the Pentagon, this is a long-standing love story: the former always knew that the financing of its civilian activities should come from the signing of military contracts and did not hesitate to do this, becoming a top-notch space partner for the US military and government agencies.

For example, in many cases, Elon Musk’s fledgling Falcon rockets were used to launch secret defense or other surveillance satellites into orbit.

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SpaceX has also been selected to develop and launch a hypersonic missile surveillance and tracking network, and we know the Pentagon is very interested in a large Starship launch vehicle to quickly transport troops or equipment from one location to another. the globe.

What about Starlink, the orbital network of satellites built by Musk to provide internet anywhere in the world? Despite some hiccups and financial disagreements, the system has largely proven its military and vital utility to civilians during the war, as well as its resilience in the face of Russian hacking attempts.


But Starlink is a civilian-focused system. So, in early December, SpaceX quietly unveiled Starshield, a specifically military version of its network and its equipment, which it intends to offer good service to the Pentagon as well as US government agencies such as the CIA or NSA. “Support for national security,” proclaims the home page of the structure’s official website.

Which, however, gives only some details about what is planned, will be designed or may have already been…

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