Android 13 integrates Braille display support into Talkback – World Today News

PARIS, May 20 (Benin News / EP) –

Android screen reader tool, Talkback, will include Braille display support, a new accessibility feature for blind or deaf-blind smartphone users, in the coming weeks.

Braille displays are a device that generates dots on a flat surface to help people who are blind or deafblind to read, and can also be used to compose text.

These screens can be connected to an Android device for a better mobile phone experience, but require a separate app to be downloaded or a virtual keyboard in Talkback that replaces the physical keyboard.

Google announced in a press release support for braille displays directly on Android, allowing them to be used directly from the Talkback tool without having to download anything else. It will be available in the upcoming Android 13 beta app in a few weeks.

In this new addition, users will find shortcuts for navigating with Talkback, both for moving through text and for changing it, with options such as selecting, copying, and pasting. This makes it easier to compose an email, as well as make a call or send a text message.

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