Assises du Val-de-Marne: “Babbak, the debt collector” sentenced to nine years in prison

“This story is silly. I apologize ”, the defendant throws as the last word to the victim before the court withdraws to deliberate. This nonsense almost ended the life of a 26-year-old young man and took its 30-year-old perpetrator to the Val-de-Marne Criminal Court, in Créteil for an attempted murder, committed on December 23, 2018 in Fontenay . -sous-Bois.

This Wednesday, after three days of trial, the defendant was finally sentenced to nine years in prison for aggravated violence in recidivism. You are also prohibited from owning a weapon for ten years. It had taken the Advocate General ten years.

Silent in front of the investigators and during the investigation, he finally admitted the facts in court. “It was well planned, but did you intend to kill him?” asked the attorney general during his searches. It is hard for me to believe it since the accused made the victim get into his car in front of his friends in the neighborhood, with his cell phone in hand. ” This episode comes after several days of pressure from “Babbak”, the nickname of the accused, towards a man from the same district of Fontenay-sous-Bois, who owes money to a third robber.

“A logic of personal revenge”

Gambling debt or cannabis resin debt? Impossible to determine but the victim owes 1,400 euros and it takes time to reimburse. Babbak, described as a “collector” by the representative of the State, made fifteen telephone calls on December 19 and ten the following day, due to a blow of physical pressure. Only the victim speaks badly to him and takes charge in front of his friends in the neighborhood.

“A humiliation”, for Babbak, as described by the general counsel, which evokes the behavior “of a child” of the accused at the time of the events. “There is a logic of personal revenge,” Franck Serfati, the lawyer for the civil part, pleads with me.

On the day of the incident, Babbak takes his future victim to the edge of the Bois de Vincennes, plunged into darkness at this time of year. “They are both armed,” Arnaud Simonard, the defendant’s lawyer, defended me during his guilty plea. There, the two explain themselves and Babbak stabs the victim once, at the height of the kidney. “A harmless soft tissue wound,” describes the attorney general. The man, who at the time weighed 120 kg, fled, collapsed and suffered anaphylactic shock. He will come out of a coma three months later.

“A boss does not live with his parents”

Babbak, in a panic, runs away and calls his friends. “He’s in awe of his act,” says Arnaud Simonard. It is the attitude of one who faces the madness of his gesture. “

“He knew he was going to plant it and he planted it like a coward,” cries Me Serfati, who considered that the attempted murder was the correct legal qualification of the facts, before evoking the stabbing “d ‘extreme violence a few centimeters away . the kidney. “An attack carried out” by a caïd “who did not support” that a child confronts him “, adds the defender of the victim, before recalling the 19 convictions of the accused.” A caïd does not live with his parents at the age of 30 and does not take care of his schizophrenic brother ”, replies the defendant’s lawyer, highlighting the eight convictions of the victim.

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