Haute-Garonne: Victim of a burglary, the gendarmes discover that he is also a cannabis grower.

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This weekend, the gendarmes intervened in Fruzin due to a burglary attempt, but when they arrived, the soldiers discovered that the owner of the premises was also a specialized manufacturer of herbal cannabis.

It’s a sprinkler… On Saturday evening, the gendarmes of the Miraille Company, with the support of a dog team, are sent to Granada to investigate a disturbing disappearance. On the way back, on the radio, witnesses report that a burglary has just occurred in the town of Fruzyny. The soldiers decide to get to the scene as quickly as possible. Upon arrival, two hooded men dressed in black, seen by neighbors, disappeared. In a house that has clearly been burglarized, the door is still open. To find the trace of the robbers, the gendarmes decide to use a dog trained in this type of research.

With the animal, they enter the house to find a scent that allows them to track down the thieves. The crew did not expect to find the perfect paraphernalia of a cannabis producer in this house. In one of the rooms there are lamps and greenhouses for growing hemp, as well as calmly growing plants. The soldiers decide to put a seal on the door of the house and return the next day for a search.

Cannabis plants thrown into the canal

The owner, who was absent during the operation, appears to have returned to the scene during the night. When he returns, he discovers that his accommodation was the target of an attempted robbery, but that the gendarmes also visited the premises. So in a hurry, the herb grower decides to get rid of the compromising evidence by throwing his crop right behind his house into the Canal Saint-Marthory.

When the gendarmes returned early on Sunday morning, only the laboratory remained in place. Arrested, unknown to justice, a 34-year-old man confessed to everything. He was released from police custody with a subpoena to appear in court next January.

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