Halo Infinite: All Ransom Keep Collectibles and Locations

There are five Ransom Keep collectibles in Halo Infinite. Ransom Keep is not part of a campaign mission, but rather a point of interest on the Zeta Halo open world map. You will discover its location during the initial part of the Tower mission, where you capture your first forward operating base. It is located southwest of FOB Golf on the map.

In Ransom Keep you will find five collectibles in total: 2x UNSC Audio Records, 2x Banished Audio Records, 1x Spartan Core.

Remember that you can use Scan to search for collectibles in the immediate area. Press “Z” on the PC (mouse and keyboard) and on the directional pad of the controller. Collectibles, such as audio records, will glow orange outlines, and skulls will appear as blue dots.

All Halo Infinite Ransom Keep collectible locations

UNSC Audio Diary 1 – Intel Outpost: to Andrew Valleros

In front of Ransom Keep on the east side, you will see a bridge connecting the main area with a cliff on the left side. To your left is a path that leads into the cliffs. Take this path. As the terrain descends into a small valley, you will see several red and gray boxes. Pass them to the end of the road. The collector’s item from the UNSC Audio Log is on the ground.

Spartan Core

From the very first UNSC Audio Record Collector’s Item, turn around and descend until the valley opens with a portion of Ransom Keep in front of you. Turn right and you will see wreckage on the ground, along with boxes of weapons and ammunition. The Spartan Core collectible can be found amongst the rubble right at the opening of the valley.

UNSC Audio Log 2 – Intel Outpost: End of the month

Use the grappling hook to scale the climb above the Spartan Core. At the top, hold on through the valley to the cliff on the other side. Jump through a small space to find the UNSC Audio Log collectible hidden on a cliff among broken logs. It is close to a BR75 and other weapons.

Audio Forbidden Record 1 – Intel Outpost: Atriox’s Dream

While staying on the cliff in the second UNSC audio record, look towards Ransom Keep (northeast). Scan and go to the yellow objective marker on the far right of the area (right in front of the Spartan Core bridge). When you cross the bridge, turn right. You will see the tank parts on a stand directly in front of you. The Banished Audio Log collector’s item rests on the left side of the rack.

Banished Audio Log 2 – Intel Outpost: Unnatural Defenses

Now raise and destroy the four fuel silos at Ransom Keep. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to sabotage two repair bays. One is in the southwestern part of the region and the other in the northeastern part. To open the door to the northeast repair bay, you must destroy an electrical coupling in an adjacent building. The collector’s item Banished Audio Log can be found in this building against the left wall as you enter.

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There you go: all the collectibles hidden in Ransom Keep. There is much more to discover in Halo Infinite, whether you want to learn more about the game’s history or are looking for achievements. Click the links above for more mini tutorials or head over to our Halo Infinite guide hub for more tips.

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