Atos participates in the new emergency plan of the city of Madrid

On 1 February 2023, Atos announced the signing of a contract with the City of Madrid as part of its new PENAM (Plan Territorial de Emergencia Municipal del Ayuntamiento de Madrid) Municipal Territorial Emergency Plan. The French industrialist has developed an appropriate information and communication platform.

The old system of prevention and organization of rescue resources in case of risky events dates back to 2014. After the pandemic and the Filomena snowstorm that swept through Spain and paralyzed Madrid in early January, the city needed a new emergency system better suited to the changing environment we now live in.

As such, the newly enacted new PENAM was presented by the Mayor of Madrid as “being at the forefront of forecasting and planning for any emergency that might arise.” It lists and prepares for nineteen identified risks: terrorism, air crashes, fires, floods, and other problematic weather events, as well as (and this is new compared to the previous plan) cybersecurity incidents, one of the specializations of Atos.

New messaging system and direct reporting app

Atos, which has been working with the Municipality of Madrid for several years, has supported it in updating this PENAM and, above all, has developed a new information and communication platform associated with it. This has the advantage of including an application to report any emergency in real time and inform users about various protection services.

The new Atos messaging system also allows different interlocutors to follow the development of an emergency in real time and allows them to quickly and efficiently exchange images, videos and other document formats. The idea is to optimize their coordination and speed up the deployment of resources.

Map of identified risks in each district of the city

In addition, while the previous platform offered only a catalog of risks, this one is a zoning of the city that graphically combines in a map form that users can consult, the risks registered in each of the zones, possible scenarios and their possible consequences, which allows determine what and at what level to control.

Today, Atos is making a name for itself in the field of public safety. The group also announced last week that it will be coordinating Sunrise, a €11 million European Union funded project to protect European infrastructure from major natural disasters. It consists of developing technologies and solutions to improve the resilience of critical infrastructures, in particular in the face of pandemics, as well as the risks associated with climate change or lack of resources.

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