Belgian video game vying for competitive international market

There are only about twenty Belgian studios in Wallonia, the vast majority of which are in Flanders. They are not very numerous and, most importantly, not very rich. For example, it is impossible for them to buy an advertising campaign in the subway or on television.

At Fishing Cactus, a video game studio based in Mons, we prefer meeting with the public: “We use public events like Made in Asia to showcase our current game and engage visitors,” explains Sophie Schiaratura, Communications Manager and marketing. fishing cactus. “We announce the game very early, long before it’s released, to build a community and invest players. This is necessary because on the Steam platform, each user has a wishlist. They can add unreleased games to this list. and what they want to buy. The more a game is on users’ wishlists, the more it is promoted by the Steam platform. Thus, early information about our game provides better visibility.”

A necessary step as the number of published video games has skyrocketed in recent years. Over 10,000 games have been released on Steam in 2021. 10 years ago, there were only 429 on the same platform.

The pandemic has accelerated the video game industry, and while the growth has been significant over the years, things have exploded during the various lockdowns.

But paradoxically, for a studio like Fishing Cactus, the situation has become more difficult: “We were not able to hold fairs, public events,” Sophie Sciaratura laments. “We were unable to create a community for our Nanotale game, but in doing so, our contract with the publisher required us to release the game during covid in March 2021, and this was felt in sales.

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